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Near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

Table Tennis Club

A short history of the Club


A table tennis group was formed in Salem around 1987 with just four learners. We used to put four of the hall tables together with a net across the centre as we could not afford to purchase a proper table. Eventually, we had a home-made one to play on which was made good use of for many years and we became very keen players. Although we only knew the basics of the game, we played regularly once a week and were becoming more proficient as other players from the village began to show an interest. Now we have around 14 regular players.

Salem Table Tennis Club play twice a week @ the Village Hall. We meet every Monday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm and also share Thursday mornings with the Stretch club.


We are a friendly bunch, so why not come along and have a go?


Over the years, some of us who are also members of the local WI, have played in the annual County Tournament at the Leisure Centre in Carmarthen and have been in the first three on many occasions dating back as far as 1988.


When we applied for a grant to help with the purchase of new tables, it became necessary to form a club and so, since 2005 we are known as SALEM TABLE TENNIS CLUB. We now have two new table tennis tables and we play twice a week in the newly built village hall.

Table Tennis has become a very active sport in Wales in recent years, although we are not as obsessive as China where they have table tennis tables set up in parks, outside apartment blocks and even in busy streets! It has brought to the village of Salem, a new interest and is a good way to get together and make new friends.


Table tennis is good for our health and a two hour session does not even cost the price of a pint of beer!

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